Meadow Chase

Outreach Committee Chair

Meadow is the Contract Airport Manager of Ramona Airport and Fallbrook Community Airpark, coming with more than five years of experience in airport management and operations. She is also the owner of her own company, Chase Airport Management, Inc., which currently has the contract for these two airports through the County of San Diego. What she loves most about her job is its many diverse responsibilities, which include doing airport inspections, customer service, emergency response, event planning, and public outreach.  

Ever since she watched the cult classic film "Top Gun" at the age of 14, Meadow knew she wanted to be in aviation and learned as much about it as she could. In addition to being a Private Pilot with a tailwheel endorsement and multi-engine rating, she has a Bachelor’s in Aviation Management and Master’s in Business from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. With a strong passion for learning, she actively encourages all girls (and boys!) who want to be in aviation to do well in school and work hard to achieve their dreams, even if that means starting at the bottom and working their way up to their dream job. Meadow is so thrilled to be on the WAI San Diego Board of Directors!