Julie Keane

Outreach Committee Chair      

Julie Keane began flying in 1985. She has been a Certified flight Instructor (CFI) since 1987. In 1991 she was a First Officer for Midway Commuter Airline’s in Chicago.

She holds Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Commercial Single engine Land and Seaplane Certificate’s. In 2004 she opened her own flight school at Ramona Airport.  In 2006 she was privileged to become a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) for the San Diego FSDO.

She is a member of the FAA “FAAST” team and periodically speaks to various aviation groups in San Diego.

Julie has had the awesome experience of teaching her husband (now a Commercial pilot) and daughter and son (both Private Pilots) how to fly. They own a 1969 Citabria and enjoy going up for “landing competitions” with each other.

Julie considers herself privileged to be part of the WAI, San Diego Chapter. This past fall she was able to help with the “Girls in Aviation Day” that took place on the USS Midway. She greatly enjoyed spending time with the girls in the Flight Simulator room.

She looks forward to the amazing events that are and will be planned for 2020.