Hanna Fowler                                 

Vice President                                

Christina Munro 


Michelle Hylton



JoAnn Minor

Fundraising Committee Chair

Lesli Bandy

Membership Committee Chair
Cynthia Hernandez  

Outreach Chair
Meadow Chase

Meet our 2018 Board of Directors

Christina - Air Traffic Controller @ SoCAL TRACON

Shea - Officer in the US Navy & Student Naval Aviator

Pamela - Commercial Pilot & Flight Attendant

Serena - Headed to OCS to become Naval Aviator

Cathe - Airport Operations

Allison - UPS Pilot

Bibianna - 13 Years Old and Taking Flying Lessons!

​John & Martha - Owners, King Schools

Kaitlin - Navy MH-60S Pilot


Meadow - Airport Manager

Paris - Air Force Reserve Officer          

Julie - Pilot and Flight School Owner


Barbara - Retired Air Force and Airline Pilot

(just a sampling of our amazing chapter members!)



Meet Our Members

Our members including private, charter, corporate, airline and military pilots; student pilots and flight instructors; aerospace engineers; airport managers; General Aviation business staff; flight attendants; air traffic controllers; and aviation enthusiasts.